Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Productive Software Development

Today I read through a thoughtful set of blog posts (about 7 in total) on the topic of software and exerting control over it:

At the bottom of each post is a “Next” link which takes you to the next article.

If you have time to read it I would recommend it and if you do, think in terms of how a chunk of software should look in order that you can examine it under controlled conditions.  These things lie at the heart of the management of dependency management and testing. 

The author (Scott Bellware) leads us to think about how we use efficiency as a lever – and what the consequences of that can be – was also a thoughtful exercise. 

The article also spoke to me in other ways.  An additional concept that I drew out while reading this text was that of authenticity and the motivation that I have for the things that I'm responsible for.

As mentioned by @kzu, this is a verbose style, but a story well told and one which contains some very useful and valid points.

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