Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Learning how to use Graffiti CMS

I've been thinking about CMS for a while and recently decided to get back in to using Graffiti CMS as my CMS tool of choice. I've used Graffiti before and I believe that, for a .NET developer, it is probably one of the best CMS tools around.

Late last week I downloaded it and used it to bang out this simple little hockey club website -  Over the next few days I’m going to add several articles which explain how to get up and running using Graffiti and you will see the topics of these articles from the text in square brackets in the bullet pointed list below.

The things that I like about Graffiti CMS are that:

  • It is .NET based. I am a .NET developer and I really need my tool of choice to have a .NET flavor to it so that I can feel confident that I have full control over the final product. [Using Macros and Chalk Extensions]
  • It is lightweight. In fact it's probably the lightest of all CMS engines that I know of relative to the number of features and amount of power that it affords. In fact, from the time you download Graffiti CMS, you can be up and running in under a minute if you choose the MS Access data provider. [Getting Started with Graffiti CMS]
  • It gives me full control over the rendered HTML - Graffiti CMS layout templates are very powerful. [Understanding Graffiti Layouts and Templates]
  • It's extensible. I can create custom extensions very easily to do pretty much whatever I want. [Developing your own custom Chalk Extension]
  • It comes with lots of rich features that make it very easy to quickly build and deploy advanced websites. [Users and Permissions], [Themes]
  • It's open source and it's free. 

Further Reading
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