Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ASP.NET MVC Data Validation

I've started to create a set of guidance for developers to show how to implement common validation concerns in business applications.  To that end I have created a sample project and an accompanying Guidance document to demonstrate these practices.  You can view a copy of these here:

What I would like next is to gather more complex scenarios and implement them.  If you have any requests for scenarios that you would like to see implemented, please leave a comment and I will look at adding it in.

3rd June - Updated to include a new recipe for validating against values bound to dropdown lists

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  1. Thanks for this information, it was a good starting point for me!

    I ran into issues with doing MVC2 Client Validation in an MVC AJAX dynamically loaded Partial View... because JavaScript doesn't execute and the MVC Client Validation needs to be reinitialised.

    Here is my solution to make it work seamlessly: