Tuesday, January 12, 2010

WaveBot integration with Blog Posts

I'm using this page to try out the blogbot@appspot.com Wave bot.  Using that bot, you can embed your Google Wave's into public web pages.  If you have a Wave account, you should see an embedded Wave below.

My initial impressions on embedded Waves is that, whilst they are an interesting idea, currently the limited feature-set of Wave means that you might as well simply direct people to your Wave via its public URL.  The reasons for this thinking are that:

  1. Your Waves have to be public to ensure that visitors can see the content - and without the ability to assign roles to participants of a Wave, this means that everybody will have contributor access.
  2. There is no ability to have draft and published versions of content.  So if all of the content that you are sharing is "published", what's the benefit of pushing it through to your blog?  You might as well use the in-built content publishing features of your blog software. 
Positive aspects to using Google Wave as a "multimedia wikichat" content source are:
  1. Google Wave has a kick-ass strength in content versioning, providing users with the ability to replay the evolution of content.
  2. It allows you to embed rich content into your content.  This includes the ability to embed Wave Gadgets so that you could include things such as charts or surveys as well as the ability to use Wave Bots that you could include to automate repetitive tasks or to augment content by providing additional services - such as Dictionary and Thesaurus services for example. 

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